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Where to begin? — Wednesday

The badge

I’ll start from the beginning. I woke up early on Wednesday and headed out to Defcon with my friends. The trip was pretty solid, gliding through the desert listening to ancient music jams and modern new jams. We arrived to Vegas late afternoon, and with not much else to do, decided to get take things slow, get things setup, and start socializing. After meeting some of our crew it became a pretty chill day of laughs and socializing. Overall, nothing too exciting, just preparing for the days to come.


First talk I attended.

Woke up early to make it to the Con and checkout the speeches. Ended up waiting in lines all day. I ended up going to one talk then getting the word right after that one talk, that If I wanted to attend the talk at 3PM (it was 2PM at the time) that I should leave now and get back in line to make the 3PM talk. I ended up leaving at 2 and checking in with everyone else. I wasn’t too happy, but I figured things would get better the following days. As it turns out, it wasn’t! There was too much going on the other days, basically zero lines, but high traffic at times for the talks.


Checked out Marky Mark’s burgers. overall pretty solid and fresh. Ended up keeping the cup.

Friday was the most “Vegas” day by far. Started out with a solid lunch and drink at Walhbergs. I ended up spending $45 on a burger, 32oz beer, and fries. Overall, it was pretty good. Not sure If i’d go back considering all the options Vegas has to offer. I ended up attending a few talks. By far my favorite talk was on this day (and entire con) with Senator Ron Wyden. I really hope we can get more political movement in the right direction, instead of those who are pretty clueless (see William Barr). During the day I ended up gambling and losing $30, losing $20 in like 3 minutes playing slots. After that I was pretty much done gambling. At night I ended up going to this bar that was by far the cheapest place in Vegas and the cheapest place I’ve ever seen, probably ever. For $3 you’d get a 1/4 hot dog and a beer. AND the beers solo were $1. Pints were $2.50. It was just across the street from Bally’s, where I spent $12 for a beer. I would recommend checking the place out if you have a tight budget. Service there was pretty poor though, even with low traffic.

$3 dog and beer.


The talk I was excited for by Bruce Schneier

By far the most lively day of the Con. I attended tons of talks, stayed out late, and socialized with friends. I think I attended the most talks on this day as well. Not too much to say besides the talks were solid and I sure was sleepy from the day before. Vegas sure was starting to take its wear and tear on me.


Hacking a buttplug talk. By far one of the more interesting talks.

Not too much happened on Sunday. I attended one talk about hacking buttplugs then prepared for the great adventure back home. I think everyone was out late Saturday evening and most people were leaving to get back to their appropriate homes across the planet.


For the next Defcon, I think I’ll be more active than passive by attending more villages instead of all the talks. The community was actually pretty great, Met 0 smart asses everyone there was passionate, cool, positive and interested in talking about what they are interested and working on. Total _opposite_ of my expectations in Information Technology, where everyone thinks they are a badass and you’re a pleb. Just goes to show the community is solid, no ego issues, and very accepting of everyone. I’m grateful for everyone I met there and all the new experiences I had. Until next year 🙂

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